Lincoln Loves Car

cae on wall
Lincoln loves his car


car on everything
Car goes everywhere!

cute baby toes
P.S. – Lincoln has insanely cute toes

I didnt want to forget this!

So, Lincoln and I went to the Blue Bonnet Swamp Tour today. He decided he wanted to taste some dirt and rocks, and I totally let him… because how else will he learn NOT to put rocks in his mouth until he discovers WHY he shouldnt put them in there. They taste icky. (ANd I was 2 feet away, just in case.) Here was his reaction. LOL! i love this boy.

rocks1 rocks2 rocks3 rocks4 rocks5 rocks6

My New Favorite Thing

cup 1 cup 4 cup 2 cup 3
Lincoln has to walk around and attempt to continue playing, with a cup attached to his face.

Green Smoothie Child

green smoothie baby
This Little Chunk LOVES his green smoothies!green smoothie
(2 green apples, one banana, big handful spinach, water) YUM!

You Forget…

…how difficult it can be for a Little living in a world made for Bigs stuck
(He was trying to squeeze through the 3-4 inch space between a gate and a fence.)
My little climber